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I’m starting this Wicked Wednesday’s post at 10:53pm. Well, better late than never.

In my defense, I’ve been busy with some pretty cool stuff. The biggest “stuff” on the “stuff list” is the local writing support group I’ve started. I’ve corralled seven writers in the Orlando area, and we’re going to meet together monthly to discuss our writing goals. We met once already, and it’s going smoothly so far. We’re using various technologies to keep in touch in between meetings. I definitely want to blog more about how this goes as I get more into the swing of it.

Because I have other people keeping me accountable for my writing goals, I guess it’s safe to say here that I’m working on my young adult novel titled JANUS. I’m going to finish scene carding and complete two outlines by the time October’s through. November is the big “writing” month. I’m planning on joining yet another writing group (Orlando’s NANOWRIMO crew) so I can meet up with some folk while I type away toward my 30,000 word count goal for that month.

It’s 11:11pm. I’m making a wish now that I see these goals through, because December’s the ultimate REVISION month. The month that I print and bind my (at that point) 80,000 word manuscript and attack it with the many colorful pens I have at my disposal. Post-attack I’ve got December to transcribe those line edits into my manuscript, read the whole thing through again until I’m satisfied to call it a finished second draft.

To keep myself sane through the insane process of novel making I’m going to be DMing a D&D universe of my creation with Topher, the roomie, and two Orlando friends. They filled out their character sheets tonight while I sat on the couch, surrounded by Dungeon Master guides and speaking up only to say things like, “I don’t care if you do that.” or “So you’re lawful like you have own crazy morality that none of us can possibly predict or you’re lawful like you’re going to tell everyone to donate the loot to the church?”

It sounds weird to say this but… I love my life lately. Depression made me feel like I was crawling through life. And I haven’t been crawling for a while. I’ve been on a steady pace moving toward where I wanna be. And I’m feeling good. *internally screams “NOT JINXING IT!” forever into the bowels of eternity*


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