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what’s rebecca been up to the past two months (part ii)

The short answer is, I’ve been busy, and my blog’s been my lowest priority.

The longer answer I’ll start on now, but let me just cut to the freakin’ chase already and say I RECEIVED MY FIRST PUBLICATION CREDIT! BOOYAH/HELL TO THE YES/EFFIN A/KICKIN A/ETC ETC. If you’re dying to go see it now now now, then check out my publication list. If you’d like to know more about Maudlin House (the journal that’s published me), check out my blog post about them and their social media on Twitter, Facebook, and more. If you read my piece, please click the appropriate reaction emoji on Maudlin House’s site below my piece and share the link for others to find on your social media; if the journal ever decided to publish a ‘Best Of’ anthology, my guess is page views and # of reactions would factor into their selection process. If you’d like to know about the last two months of my life, keep reading.

In no particular order:

  • I’ve been staying OFF Twitter, which is really sad for all my writing friends that are on there but really healthy for me, because I’ve been exposed to basically zero political discussion in the height of the political season and MAN I’ve been happy. During the last election I was still on Facebook and participating in political discussion and I was A WRECK because of it. *shivers at the memory* Don’t worry… I’ll get back to Twitter after November, and I’m still on Instagram!! Follow me there. πŸ™‚
  • I was so into Twitch, and then the technical difficulties just started piling on top of each other. πŸ™ I was spending more time trying to make Twitch work than I was actually friggin’ writing, so I just stopped. Since then Topher has gotten a new desktop and even a nice mic headset!!! What’s waiting is for me to re-do all of my settings and get back on a streaming schedule. It will happen, because I legit miss my Twitch writing family. πŸ™ I’m so sorry for ghosting, guys!! Follow me if you haven’t already and sign up for notifications so you know when I decide to go live again. πŸ™‚
  • I decided to stop DMing the Dungeons & Dragons campaign I had started; it was taking up too much of the time I wanted to be using working on my other writing projects. Maybe someday I’ll plan a one-off rather than a long-term campaign.
  • I am LOVING my job at the library. It’s hogging my Instagram lately, because I’ve worked some events and set up some displays that I was way too excited about, lol. Seeee…
  • #ilovemyjob #ocls #oclsyouth #starwarsgalacticgames #stormtrooper

    A photo posted by Rebecca N. McKinnon (@rnmckinnon.writer) on

    I threw one of my favorites up there #ilovemyjob #ocls #newadult #afterworlds by @scott_westerfeld

    A photo posted by Rebecca N. McKinnon (@rnmckinnon.writer) on

    Here's my first book display at work. I'm way too excited about it. #ocls #amreading #summerreading #summerromance

    A photo posted by Rebecca N. McKinnon (@rnmckinnon.writer) on

    My second Staff Pick at work. Yeah, I'm a softie for some Gayle Forman. #ocls #amreading #yaromance

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  • I’m still keeping in touch with my local writing group. We had a meeting yesterday, in fact. The activity’s been slower for all of us there for a lot of reasons. There’s a pregnancy in the group, another member is on some hard deadlines with a publisher, and I was busy prepping for…
  • DRAGONCON! I’ve made it a tradition to blog about every convention I go to, so I won’t stop with this one. The largest con I’ve been to ever!! Almost 80,000 people were there. It spanned five hotels and a few other centers!! I cosplayed and attempted to go to the Writing and YA Lit track panels, but honestly, it was so crazy and crowded I decided after the first day to skip the panels and just walk around exploring the rest of the weekend. Check me out!
  • Yep, just bought this kickass amethyst Celtic headband from @girlinchains at #dragoncon

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    In true #dragoncon fashion

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    Next purchase at #dragoncon

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    Just in case you were wondering what downtown looks like right now #dragoncon

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  • Holy crap I started the best and most awesome planner in August, and it’s changed my life for the better. It deserves its own post, so all I’ll say is it’s helped me to better organize my short- and long-term goals and assign and meet more manageable deadlines for them. It’s also acting as my daily log of what I do hour-by-hour. This planner is a large reason I’m meeting so many of my deadlines now and finishing and submitting more pieces than ever before. It’s called a Passion Planner, and I believe they have a 50% off sale going right now, so GO GO GO!
  • Even though I’ve taken a break from actively critiquing for the Ubergroup, I still keep in touch with the members of the short fiction team. We’ve been cheering each other on every time we submit pieces for publication, every time we’re rejected, and (as happened to me for the first time in August) every rare time we are accepted. πŸ™‚ We have a sub game going, which is explained in my sidebar -> I managed to get to the number 55 before hitting my acceptance that put me back at zero! Don’t worry… I didn’t stay there for long. As you see, I’ve subbed and been rejected since then. πŸ™‚ I lovingly remember a successful writer at one of the conventions saying that the more rejections the better, and eventually you’ll start getting personal rejections, which are EVEN better, and once you get those look out for an acceptance because it’s coming. I think Stephen King said something along those lines as well. That’s exactly what’s happened the last few months. I submitted more than ever, I got rejected more than ever, and eventually I got those lovely, personalized rejections, and finally… an acceptance. I’m finally published in a legit literary journal. I keep saying it because it still doesn’t feel true. Maybe if I repeat it enough times I’ll believe it. Until then I’ll be over here, hoarding my rejection letters, whispering strange incantations over them… Don’t mind me…

    So I’d like to throw down some info about the journal that accepted me, but I think it’s better to do it in its own separate post so that I can link to it easier. If you want to know more about Maudlin House, what it’s all about, what I think qualifies it as “legit” (yay! data!), and what makes it oh so cool, check out this post.

    PS: Let me just take a breather to say that WOW if you’re here reading the end of this long ass blog post now, it must mean you really care about my life and my work, and that means so much to me. SO SO SO SO much. A million so’s and much’s. I can’t thank you enough for the support. But I can try. THANK YOU.

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