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Today’s Sacred Sunday brings about some news, which I will also cross-post onto the news page.


I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by my Scribophile/blogger friend MSCASSIOPEIA. I’d like to publicly thank her for the nomination. She blogs about matters of the heart over at https://mscassiopeia.wordpress.com. Her writing exhibits the kind of honesty I strive for here on my own blog, so coming from her the nomination is an honor.

The rules of nomination include 1.) thanking the person who awarded you {done!} 2.)
including a link to their blog {done!} 3.) selecting & nominating 15 blogs/bloggers you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly and 4.) telling 7 things about yourself.

Here are my 15 nominations, in no particular order:

1.) Happiness is Homemade

A wonderful blog I’ve referenced for multiple DIY projects, including free scrapbooking printables.

2.) In the Parlor

A serious blog that explores topics of spirituality and religion. I was especially affected by this post on homosexuality.

3.) Kelsye Nelson

She’s a fellow writer I follow on Twitter and I just love her blog’s Six Word Story Challenges.

4.) Michael Alexander Chaney

I heavily, heavily used his lists of flash fiction publications when deciding where to submit some of my pieces. So grateful for this writer’s blog.

5.) Jami Gold

Her website is a huge resource to any writer wanting to perfect the craft. I especially love her editing worksheets.

6.) Remington Typewriter Poetry

Christopher Poindexter is kind of a poetry legend on Tumblr. I know that, and I don’t even have a Tumblr.

7.) Lang Leav

Lang Leav is Poindexter’s match on Pinterest. I have to stop myself from re-pinning all of her poems.

8.) PenPaperPad

I discovered Tamara Woods in one her #writestuff Twitter panels. She keeps a rad blog too.

9.) Sylvia Heike

Sylvia Heike is another Scribophile/blogger friend of mine. She’s got great ideas for content, and that consistently shines through in her posts.

10.) Birth Without Fear

If you’re a woman who evers wants to have a baby, I highly recommend checking this site out.

11.) Untangled: Tell a redemptive story with your life now

Dr. Kelly Flanagan’s blog is just phenomenal. I actually found his blog because the Huffington Friggin’ Post published him.

12.) Ryan Eller

Talk about living a fulfilling life. This guy’s philosophy on living is inspiring, and I especially liked his bucket list method.

13.) Be More With Less

I’m still working toward a minimalist mindset, and I’ve got a long way to go before I feel I can call myself a minimalist. Courtney Carver is such an inspiration to me.

14.) Tiny House Family

Speaking of minimalism, here’s a beautiful family who’s living it. I follow a lot of tiny house blogs, but this one’s my favorite.

15.) Offbeat Bride & Offbeat Tribe

If you’re a woman who finds traditional weddings and marriage roles uninspiring, this is the site for you.

And here are 7 new things about myself that I haven’t mentioned on here before (I think):

1.) My 7th grade soccer coach called me Rebockers. I don’t know why.
2.) My favorite color is dark purple.
3.) My spirit animal is a butterfly.
4.) My patronus is a wolf.
5.) I consider myself to be spiritual but not religious. Yes, there’s a Wiki for it.
6.) I used to write song lyrics when I was a kid and sing the songs I made up to my mom.
7.) The number ‘9’ used to be my favorite number. It’s not anymore.

In other news, I arrived home a day or so ago and have caught up on all the sleep I missed on the uncomfortable bus ride. Topher’s in pain but doing better every day in his recovery from surgery. It makes me feel much better to just be around him. We started a Diablo III campaign together, which makes life feel like it’s on the way back to normal.

Plus, Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere tonight!!


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