Cardigans of accomplishment and sacred virtuality

Yesterday, I experienced a very, very great day. The first very, very great day I’ve had in quite some time. It made me ponder on what makes a day so good, as if days were living organisms, out of our control unless we understand how to manipulate them. But then I thought, no, most days aren’t living at all, they’re dead. Planned mostly for us like somebody else’s funeral might be, and only surprising when the alcoholic cousin shows up. Ah, again I try with language, and again I lose. Will I ever win?

I had a good day yesterday because my spirit was brighter than usual. I don’t really understand what hue spirits exhibit the rest of the time, but it sounded like a good description to me a sentence ago, and now it sounds like the rest of my metaphors: flat and uninspiring. I won’t erase it though, because I’m getting somewhere, damnit.

It was the kind of day we only experience twice a year (maybe three, if you’re lucky), the kind of day that gives philosophical meaning to prior hardship, the kind of day that demands understanding, breaking through mental brick walls previously built by busy schedules, conference calls, and the laundry. Almost as if our un-lubed robotic gears have gotten stuck. Almost as if some fate that can only be found in the hardware aisle has stopped us, has STOPPED us, when nothing and no one else could have.

It’s days like yesterday when I cease to understand ridiculousness and begin understanding the sanctity of the moment. It’s days like yesterday when I dance naked in front of the bathroom mirror and sing whip ass remixes on repeat and clean the litter box early for no apparent reason. Perhaps all of these feelings were brought about by the AUSPICIOUS REDESIGN OF MY SITE. If you are here and if you are reading this, then you’ve probably already noticed the B[ad]A[ss]-quality theme I’ve got surrounding my words like a simple, stylish cardigan.

Well, it’s the cardigan of accomplishment, folks, and it’s not for sale. It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve worn all year, so I don’t think I’ll take it off anytime soon. In fact, let’s just bury my ‘perhaps’s and my ‘maybe’s, because this site looks so unbelievably awesome that I finally decided to permanently delete the previous site from which it was born. became my site when I found another host and bought the URL, but this became my fucking space yesterday. This tiny corner of the world’s widest of webs feels a whole awfully lot like somewhere I’d love to hang out for awhile. Hell, I even invited all my old friends to check it out. Kind of like a homewarming, I guess. SHOUT OUT TO MY WORDPRESS.COM PEEPS!

Sacred Sunday’s finally living up to its name. Thanks for the blessing, Ernest Mombay, you selfless, friendly bastard of programming, you. Only wine could make this post more holy. But I’m wicked, remember? (I have to make up for the Wednesday vlogs I’m missing) So, here’s me drinking a celebratory lemonade beer. I toast to every single one of you. It means so much to have you here celebrating with me, in my newly ordained and most sacred of spaces.

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