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Six years ago, back when people actually used Facebook notes, I published the following note for my friends to read: “50 Things I’ve Learned (about myself and everything else) in College”. I’ve since dug it up and dusted it off. I’ve decided it’s time to re-print it as well as add something to it: “43 Things I’ve Learned (about myself and everything else) Three+ Years After Graduating From College”. Enjoy.

50 Things I’ve Learned (about myself and everything else) in College
April 23, 2009

1. I truly can achieve anything I want if I try hard enough.
2. I will never stop loving writing.
3. People open doors for you if they respect you.
4. People open doors for you if you get down to business. (lol thats what she said)
5. Being busy (even insanely so) is NOT a bad thing.
6. I’m not afraid of my friends anymore.
7. Because I grew up and realized what was important about a friendship.
8. Something like forgiveness is possible if you truly forget.
9. I am capable of living a lie.
10. And getting out of it.
11. People think I’m selfish now, at least more so than I was in 10th grade.
12. For the longest time in college, I thought I was. But then I realized that I wasn’t selfish, at least not in a bad way. I’m no longer selfless to the point of hurting myself by giving everything of myself to people who don’t deserve it.
13. I’m much, much happier because I do this.
14. I’m also much more honest with myself. About myself.
15. But I know when not to be honest with other people. I learned in college what was important to tell and not tell people.
16. AP style
17. True teamwork.
18. To just really and truly for the first time in my life not give a flying fuck what people thought about me and my actions.
19. I am capable of terrible, terrible mistakes that I used to hold myself above in some blind philosophy.
20. I learned that most philosophies are blind. Don’t tell me otherwise until you’ve truly faced your beliefs, until you’ve truly looked them in the eye and not changed your mind about them.
21. You can truly never know who you will be friends with forever.
22. Things will NEVER stop dramatically and drastically changing.
23. I know how to save.
24. I also know how to spend. :/
25. The only time I cannot hold myself back is when someone judges me.
26. I’m a real scary bitch when I don’t hold myself back.
27. Permanence is permeable. No matter what you think or what it is.
28. Once I accepted that fact, it made the relationships in my life much more fulfilling. Because I didn’t take them for granted.
29. I really hate beer but I really love Smirnoff. And beer pong (w/o beer) and flip cup.
30. Having been faced with the option already, I know I will never smoke.
31. I value excitement, spontaneity, and fun at this point in my life more than I ever thought I would.
32. And I want all of these things with my friends without the precursor of alcohol involved. Most of the time.
33. Time– it flies.
34. Finals week is truly hell on wheels. Worse than any stress I ever felt in high school.
35. 24 hour libraries are necessary!
36. All anyone needs to accomplish their life’s dreams and passions is a deadline.
37. And the will power to meet it.
38. I love purple. I truly learned this in college.
39. I never needed to chase home. Because I’m not gonna find it here.
40. Laziness holds me back from learning.
41. But I want to learn more than anything. And I don’t think that will ever stop.
42. Learning happens best outside the classroom. (ie: The Spinnaker, ie: New South)
43. Everyone’s life centers around one person who is the most important. More important than anything and anyone. Any decision and any dream. For most… that person is themselves.
44. Though I had to go through some trial and error and hurt a lot of people in the process, I know who that person is now.
45. And I truly want to spend the rest of my life with him.
46. Nature is extremely important to me.
47. Urbanization is extremely important to me.
48. Hitler–though awful–was one badass motherfucker
49. It is possible to organize everything in my life.
50. And at this point–NECESSARY.

“43 Things I’ve Learned (about myself and everything else) Three+ Years After Graduating From College”
April 29, 2015

1. People open doors for you if you knock. It’s up to you to get past the open door.
2. Being insanely busy IS a bad thing.
3. I’m not afraid of my family anymore.
4. Because being an adult means standing on your own two feet and living your life for yourself, not for others.
5. If you can’t forget, forgiveness isn’t possible.
6. I am capable of living a lie to support my family.
7. And getting out of that lie to support my true self.
8. I don’t care if people think I’m selfish.
9. Because I’m happier now than I was when I cared about such nonsense.
10. Honesty is important, but so is kindness. Finding the perfect balance between the two is my definition of maturity.
11. True isolation
12. There are no mistakes, only lessons.
13. I’ve learned that all philosophies are malleable. Something could come along tomorrow to change your life and, with it, your mind.
14. You CAN know who you will consider a friend forever. But you cannot control their half of the friendship.
15. I CAN hold myself back when someone judges me.
16. Because it’s much easier to hold back while walking away.
17. And much better for myself, overall. Real integrity is being okay with not having the last word.
18. Knowing how to spend money is more important than knowing how to save it.
19. Only by spending money correctly can you begin to save.
20. Love is everlasting. People and relationships are not.
21. I really love craft beer, red wine, and mixing my own drinks. Smirnoff’s ehh.
22. Drinking games are better with true friends and family. Not with strangers.
23. Drinking alone is sometimes more satisfying than drinking with others.
24. I value stability, proper planning, and my personal hobbies at this point in my life more than I ever thought I would.
25. Time– true success lies in conquering it, not every year but each and every day
26. One day can be conquered but the next will follow, and with it a different battle
27. Figuring out what you wanna do with your life and having the courage to do it is truly hell on wheels. Worse than any stress I ever felt in college.
28. Digital libraries are necessary!
29. Deadlines are for procrastinators and people reliant on others’ opinions.
30. The most fulfilled people strive for success in everything they do, needing no recognition to continue doing it.
31. But they will be recognized. People find recognition on accident, when they’re off living for their own sense of self.
32. I never needed to chase home down the interstate. It’s with Topher, wherever we are.
33. But I’m glad I left my home town. It’s in the leaving that I learned so many of these things.
34. Laziness holds me back from everything I ever wanted.
35. Lifelong learning is the key to humility.
36. Humility is the key to success.
37. Learning happens best when self-directed.
38. Your life should never be centered around another. You will walk endless circles. Hold hands, look away from each other, and walk forward.
39. That is the meaning of true partnership.
40. Nature brings me peace, setting, and reflection on the theme of life.
41. Urbanization brings me characters, setting, and clarification on the plot of life.
42. The most awful people are just people. History repeats itself when we deny the “monsters” their humanity.
43. To empathize with your enemy is the best you can do to change this world. And the most difficult thing imaginable.

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