my life as it becomes more minimalist

I missed another Wicked Wednesday, for better reasons this time. Topher and I are in the middle of some big changes in our personal lives right now. We’ll be moving soon, and the future has been coming up on us fast throughout the last week. I have a feeling it’ll get worse before it gets better, so my blog schedule is back to sporadic until it passes.

In preparation for moving I’ve been doing my best to go through our combined storage and purge, purge, purge. We both want to be more minimalist, with not so much stuff holding us down. The last time we moved we sold, donated, or trashed half our stuff to go from a two bedroom to a one bedroom apartment. Now I’ve been and will continue to be going through our belongings with the intention to showcase, condense, digitalize, or trash.

1.) Showcase: verb. exhibit; display.
Those scrapbooks under the bed and rolled up artwork in the closet? If I really believe them to be beautiful, I’ll showcase them in our new place–on the wall, atop our coffee table, or in my bookcase. The point of visual art is to be seen, so why keep it hidden in storage?

2.) Condense: verb. make (something) denser or more concentrated.
Do I need three copies of the Bible? I’m not even religious, yet I’ve justified my owning three copies of the Bible for years. One was mine in childhood, one in adolescence, and one was passed down in Topher’s family. Yes, these are sentimental but–in a non-religious existence–not useful. I believe Topher’s copy to be beautiful, with its sand from the holy land encased in the cover, so that’s the one we’ll keep.

3.) Digitalize: verb. convert (pictures or sound) into a digital form that can be processed by a computer.
I saved every newspaper I ever worked on, from high school through college. I’ve lugged them from dorm room to apartment to storage to apartment for years. Within the past week I’ve finally digitalized the articles I’d written that had been published in those newspapers. Now the pounds of paper clutter are gone, but I have a digital record of my accomplishments–some of which I have included in my samples page.

4.) Trash it: verb. discard refuse.
This one’s the hardest for most people, including me. Mainly because it takes a pretty big reality check to look at something you own as “refuse”. It took a lot of willpower to trash those newspapers after I digitalized my own articles from them; I’d spent years of my life as a journalist before I finally realized it wasn’t the career for me. I don’t regret that part of my life, but it’s a chapter that’s been closed, so why did I hold onto it for so long? Well, because those objects represented that part of my life. Sentimentality is well and good–and certainly some things I own do hold enough sentimental value for me to showcase them–but I’m not going to showcase three years of expired news, so there’s no good reason to keep them in storage.

Yesterday I spent five hours packing, and today I’ll be packing again before Game of Thrones. So don’t worry if I’m quieter online during this process. I’ll come back with a vengeance once it’s time to give y’all the full update.

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