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I’m feeling strange this week, perhaps because of the fact that I am moving away from my hometown for the first time in my entire life in less than 7 days. Or perhaps it’s because of the strange goodbye party I attended last night, and the strange things I witnessed and felt whilst in attendance at said party. I apologize that this post is already understated, and I also apologize that, because of my current uncanny state, this post may seem random or downright unnecessary. Whose words are necessary, though? I digress.

I think a lot, too much, a superfluous amount. Example: This week, I kept thinking about last week’s graffiti post, so much so that I experienced a flashback to a memory that would’ve otherwise remained locked in a mental dungeon somewhere for life: the graffiti tunnel in London that Topher and I happened upon while lost on the way to the London Eye.

I’ve been listening to music all evening, looking up lyrics and remixes, music videos and discographies. I do this sometimes when I’m trying to understand how I’m currently feeling about a situation. I enter into a devotional state, whereby I scour the Internet or my poetry books or my CD case in search of some understanding of self. Normally I end up slightly more confused than when I’d begun but somehow oddly satisfied. I randomly remembered that I’d written a blog about this personal process years ago for the Spinnaker site, back when my punctuation was too heavy and my words were as much of a burden as a stone would’ve been if someone had placed it onto my back and told me to walk away from my problems.

Sometimes it’s productive to look backward. To compare and contrast. Some would call this a “re-post”, but I would call it a “compost”. Unedited and placed here if only to be glanced over before it is once again discarded.



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