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a career update in numbers part ii

from June’s post, “a career update in numbers”:

“As it is the first of a new month and the beginning of high summer in Florida, this gives me the opportunity to decide later if I want to make this a monthly or seasonal thing. We’ll see.”

Autumn doesn’t really have a set start date in Florida; it blends into winter and feels similar to summer. Therefore, school starting is usually the easiest way to tell that fall’s here. Well, school’s started, so here’s my seasonal career numbers update:


Social Media

Instagram*: 56 followers
Twitter: 304 followers (up by 126 followers)
Pinterest: 126 followers (up by 25 followers)
Goodreads: 44 friends (up by 17 friends)
Scribophile: 20 favorites (no difference)
Soundcloud: 5 followers (no difference)
*new network!

Explanation & Goal Setting

Facebook: My last update made it pretty clear how over this social network I was. When I deactivated it shortly after that update, many of my friends recommended I switch to Instagram. I was hesitant because they’re owned by the same company but eventually my curiosity won out, and I’m glad I made the switch because I legitimately enjoy Instagram. There isn’t much room for negativity in photo sharing, and I’ve unfollowed the people who’ve creatively violated that concept. Plus, now that Facebook isn’t hiding authors’ pages’ content from me, I see every post my favorite authors deem to share. I’ve actually bought into three different book releases due to finally being able to friggin’ see the content I follow. I won’t set any goals for this network because I’m still new at it.

Guys, I <3 Twitter. That’s obvious in my almost tripling the goal I’d set, which was “to spend even more time on this network and gain an additional 50 followers by next update.” By next update I want to have my lists more organized, check Twitter on a daily schedule, and have reached 400 followers.

I’ve used Pinterest less and less over the past few months, and it’s actually done me some good. I’m not posting as frequently to my personal boards, but my word porn, word porn IRL, want to read, and the talent, art & craft boards have a steady following. Somehow by trying less on my main boards and more on my writing boards, I almost tripled my prior goal of “10 new followers by next update”. Because I’m spending less time on this network and that seems to be working, I won’t set any goals and just see what happens with this.

By simply reading more frequently and joining an IRL book club I have kept my Goodreads account from going stale and almost tripled my goal of “5 more Goodreads friends by next update”. My goal is to focus on completing the 50 States Reading Challenge by the end of the year. Hopefully my steady reading updates on that endeavor will garner me followers.

I neglected my Scribophile and Soundcloud goals, so I’m keeping them the same (3 more favorites on Scrib & 5 new recordings/1 new follower on Soundcloud) with one addition (1 critique on Scribophile per week) in the hopes that this season I will get more involved on both of these social networks.


from June’s post, “a career update in numbers”:

“Once a few things in my personal life settle down, I’d like to return to posting twice weekly (on Wednesdays and Sundays). Sticking to that schedule is sure to show me results.”
“As far as the site numbers go, I’m pulling the all-time data from June 2013 to June 2015 — I’ve had my site much longer than that but didn’t have Google Analytics correctly gathering data until 2013. Moving forward I’d like to focus on obtaining new visitors as well as retaining established visitors, so I’ll make my goal to hit 1,600 visitors and 50 e-mail subscribers by next update.”

E-mail Subscribers: 46 (up by 2 subscribers)
Page views: 5,530 (up by 139 page views)
Sessions: 2,170 (up by 179 sessions)
Visitors: 1,732 (up by 174 visitors)
Peak: 56 sessions on Friday, March 27 (no difference)

I didn’t hit my subscribers goal because I was not consistent with sending my newsletter on time. My goal remains the same (50 subscribers) for this season.

I hit my website numbers goal but honestly, I’m not sure how I did that; I didn’t stick to my posting schedule at all. My goal for next update is much simpler: Stick to my posting schedule (Wednesday & Sunday) without fail from now until next update. This is a true test of my dedication to this blog, but I believe it’s a worthwhile pursuit and a goal I am capable of achieving if I make it the priority it needs to become in my life.


Finished Pieces: 1 (1 went back for another editing sweep)
Submissions: 11
Rejections: 10
Acceptances: 0

I didn’t meet my goals for publication at all. Truthfully I can’t explain it better than this article already has. My depression is very motivation-based. Over the last few weeks I’ve had to use this article’s advice about just focusing on completing one task at a time. It also helps to tell myself that motivation is a myth. Hopefully the more I repeat that mantra the more I will understand that writing is a job like any other; most days I will not want to sit my butt down in this chair to do it. The muse will come to me but only after I have begun even when I have not wanted to begin.

I’m halfing my goal to two submissions monthly and one publishing credit by sometime next year. I’ll have to be forgiving toward myself to truly be successful with this one, as it is my most important goal and therefore the one I find the most difficult to tackle on a daily basis.

Summary of Goals

I’m loosening the belt on some and tightening it on others. We’ll see how these have gone sometime in winter!

1.) Twitter: have my lists more organized, check Twitter on a daily schedule & have reached 400 followers
2.) Goodreads: complete the 50 States Reading Challenge
3.) Scribophile: get favorited by 3 more members & critique 1 piece weekly
5.) Soundcloud: post 5 new recordings & gain 1 follower
6.) RNMcKinnon.com: hit 50 e-mail subscribers & stick to WW/SS posting schedule
7.) Getting Published: obtain first publishing credit & submit one new piece of writing biweekly (2-3 submissions monthly)

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