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Mischief managed! Apology accepted?

To make up for the fact that I’ve missed not one but two of my own. Friggin’. DEADlines. (insert dramatic sigh here), I’m publishing multiple posts tonight on a variety of topics. But first, the laundry:

  1. To make sure this never happens again (or at least doesn’t happen every. Friggin’. WEEK.), I’m going to start writing my Sacred Sunday posts before Sunday. This will give me enough time to self-examine my posts before publishing (It’s an editor thing).
  2. Wicked Wednesdays are on perfectionist hiatus (Yes, I am allowed to create my own phrases to pass as WotWs, thank you very much). I just can’t tame this YouTube beast. My desire to love on it is one-directional; it keeps snipping at my fingertips. In other words, I think my video is too mediocre to post. I simply don’t have the equipment necessary to produce something that’s up to my standards. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up. It just means I need to take YouTube lessons.  If the YouTube beast be your playful puppy, I’m open to any resources and/or suggestions you may wish to provide me with. (Please?)
  3. I kind of just wanted to have a number 3. No, I don’t know why. Here’s a picture of Finn and Jake that’s relevant to my situation:

Finn and Jake

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