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100 things minimalist challenge

Disclaimer: I’m not sure how to start this post. I honestly didn’t think I was going to write it because I’ve felt like such shit the last two days, but here I am. I’m streaming as a write this even though I missed my stream this morning. It’s some kind of viral infection… fever, exhaustion, the works. My best friend is traveling from my hometown to spend the holiday with me, but it doesn’t look like we’re sticking to the original plan of partying it up downtown. I feel more like having a Netflix marathon while drinking hot tea on the couch…

Just before I got sick the first winter cold front came through Orlando, and by “winter cold front” I actually mean mid-60s breeze. I unpacked the “winter storage” box and, in keeping with our minimalist goals, I decided which items items we could stand to part with. Then, because I had a cardboard box, I decided to try a challenge I’d found online a while ago: The 100 Things Minimalist Challenge.

I’m certain this wasn’t the original name of the challenge, but I can’t remember the original name. The rules are the same–find 100 things in your home that you can stand to part with.

I added a competitive edge to this challenge by printing a list for both Topher and I–whoever makes it to 100 things first wins! Here’s our setup:

100 Things Minimalist Challenge Box

100 Things Minimalist Challenge Box

As you can see, I’m currently winning. 😉

Happy holidays,


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