The Future of this Corner of the Internet

I’ve been kicking around ideas in my brain concerning this blog, mainly concerning ways to make it an overall more interesting and enjoyable read. Interesting and enjoyable reads make for fulfilling writes, ya know.

So far, I’ve come up with two:

#1. Series: a number of things or events of the same class coming one after another in spatial or temporal succession

I will write a series of series (see what I did there?) about various topics that are applicable to writing. The first one: Writing Tools. Is this as exciting to you as it is to me? I guess we’ll find out! Yay!

#2. Challenge: a summons that is often threatening, provocative, stimulating, or inciting; the act or process of provoking or testing physiological activity by exposure to a specific substance

Writing challenges. Yes. Whether it be from my brain or others’, they will be CONQUERED. This week, I have my eye on Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Anyone wanna try this one out with me? Deadline is this Thursday, Feb. 24 at noon EST.

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