What happens to a dream deferred?

I tried to write last Sacred Sunday, I really did, but my mind was overgrown and flooded from the journey I’d taken that weekend (not to mention the many times airport security stole my laptop). It’s still difficult for me to find the words to describe my visit to the Upper Midwest. What is it they say about pictures? Something about thousands…

The best travel, even if planned, takes us where we never expected to go.

Plans: Riverwalk, University of Iowa, Iowa Writer’s Workshop (FYI: No. 1), bookstores



Frozen river

Frozen river, Iowa City

You are not what you own.

You are not what you own.

Not alone

“When you feel most alone, you will not be alone.”

Iowa Writer's Workshop

Dey House, Iowa Writer’s Workshop

More of Iowa Writer's Workshop

Around the corner from Dey House, Glenn Schaeffer Library & Archives

Iowa City, Iowa

Church and capitol in Iowa City, Iowa

This is real life in Iowa City.

This is real life in Iowa City.

The Haunted Bookshop

The Haunted Bookshop, Iowa City

Florida Poems in Iowa

Florida Poems in Iowa

Unplanned: Wordlessness, which WordPress attempts to correct as Worthlessness, Wordless, Needlessness, and Godlessness.

On another note, Midna is hiding behind some books on the shelf beside me. She is purring up at me, peeking just above their spines, saying a brief hello and goodbye to all of you for me.

I end this post with a list of the books I bought in The Haunted Bookshop, Iowa Book, and Prairie Lights, with the thought that

We are not what we own:

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